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Why Insulation is Important in the Summer 

When you think of insulation, you may think of the blanket-like barrier that separates you from the outdoor cold. In reality, insulation isn’t just for the winter. Even during the summer, insulation helps keep you at a comfortable temperature all year while saving you money on your electrical bills.  

Why Do I Need Insulation? 

Your home gets hot in the summer due to air exchange and heat travel. The idea of air exchange states that when a space like your home loses cold air, it is replaced by a proportional amount of hot air from the outside. Heat travel also adds to the rising temperatures in your home.  

Heat travels three ways: 

  • Convection: the movement of heat through the air. 
  • Radiation: where heat is absorbed, reflected, and emitted through a colder body. 
  • Conduction: heat traveling through an object or material. 

The roof of your house is especially susceptible to a combination of all three common methods of heat travel. Heat most directly enters via attics and windows, raising the temperature by a few degrees and forcing your AC to work harder. 

Proper insulation, however, acts as a barrier, blocking out the heat that would normally radiate through your roof. It also stops moisture from seeping into your house, preventing it from becoming too humid during summer. 

Insulation Keeps Your AC From Working Too Hard 

When the temperature rises, it’s natural for us to kick the AC into high gear. However, your AC is working double the amount it’s used to, causing it to use twice the energy. Overworking your AC system may provide short-term relief but can cause the system to wear down faster in the long run.  

Insulation Saves You Money 

Adjusting your AC by even a couple of degrees can save you a great amount on your electric bills. By ensuring your well-insulated home stays cool longer after your AC has run, your unit will use less energy. Not only will you save money on the energy bills, but also on the eventual repairs or replacements brought about by an overused AC unit.  

What Kind of Insulation is Right for Me? 

If you’re in the market for better insulation, there are many different options for you to choose from, including spray foam, fiberglass or BATT, loose-fill or blown-in, structural insulated panels, and rigid insulation boards. The type of insulation best suits you will depend on the area and your specific needs. 

To save money on energy bills and keep your home cool, contact JFerg to see how proper insulation can make a difference! Our expert technicians offer full installation services so that you can rest easy. Contact us now to get started!