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The Reality of Residential Roofing.

When do you truly commit to roofing work?

The majority of the time, people are not anticipating roofing work that needs to be done. And with insurance companies involved, the process to get from a roof in need of repair to a roof that’s fully protecting your home is often a stressful and time-consuming one.

Our main focus: making your life easier.

From the moment you call us, our team is dedicated to taking on as much responsibility on your behalf in every facet of the process. Let us walk you through what looks like. 

The J Ferg Process

step 1: assessment and planning

Our team will sit down with you, conduct a free inspection, discuss the important aspects of the situation with your insurance company, and prepare options for you to decide what the best course of action is.

step 2: efficient operations and management

Once you decide your path, our team of managers kicks into high gear and manages all the coordination needed among insurance companies, inspectors, and our builders.

step 3: double checking quality

Any J Ferg customer can speak to how seamless we make a roof replacement or repair for you, but the last thing we ensure is that the quality of work matches the service we give you. To do this, we go far above and beyond industry and competitor standards by completing quality inspections. Throughout the job, a quality assurance officer will check in on the crews and inspect job site cleanliness, material quality, and workmanship details. Our quality inspector does a final walk-through to inspect all vents and decking from the attic after the job.

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Let Us Help with Your Project

Contact us with questions. We take pride in providing you with the high-quality services and support you service from our team of experienced experts. Find out how we can help you with your project today!

We’re here to serve you in Lubbock, Amarillo, Permian Basin, Clovis, Abilene, San Angelo, Austin, and Oklahoma City.