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When Is the Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Roof?

A good roof will last you for decades, but not every roof is built the same, and a new roof isn’t always included when you purchase a home. Unfortunately, some sellers will do a poor job repairing a roof to quickly cover up any unsightly damage. Their goal is to sell the house and let those problems become someone else’s headache. In addition, new roofs will eventually age to the point where you must replace them. So whether you’re replacing a roof that’s due for it or having to unexpectedly install one, knowing when the best time to have the work done will help save you and your roofing team some stress. 


The roofing industry looks at the calendar in seasons. That’s because of the type of weather that’s associated with each season. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all bring their challenges to the table, but some seasons provide a better window of opportunity than others. 


We’ll start with the coldest season of the year. The fact that it’s the coldest makes it challenging to schedule a good time for roof replacement. Many of the materials that roofers use can’t be installed in freezing temperatures. In fact, roofing teams can’t install shingles in temperatures below  45 degrees. If you live in an area with mild winters, and 60 degrees is considered cold weather, you might get away with a winter installation, but for much of North America, this isn’t the case. Winter’s can fluctuate from 50-30 degrees in the most temperate places and stay well below 30 degrees in the colder regions. 


A plus side to installing in the winter is that your roofing company probably doesn’t have a long line of customers waiting for a new roof. So if you can find a few good days in the forecast, winter could be the right time to get yours done. 


As the weather gets warmer, you may see more roofing jobs around your neighborhood. The window of opportunity grows in the spring as temperatures begin to rise over 50 degrees and more. Spring is a busy time for roofing companies. Unfortunately, many jobs have been booked well before the warmer weather arrived. So if you weren’t one of those anticipating a new roof installation, chances of you getting on the list during this season are not likely.  


Weather is also a huge factor during this season. Spring can have some turbulent storms, and what started as a day of sunshine can quickly turn into a rainy afternoon. Roofing companies won’t work while it’s raining for fear of allowing water into your home. Rain delays the work, and even those already scheduled jobs can suddenly find themselves behind on time. 


If you’re thinking about installing your roof in the spring, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Contact your roofing team and let them know you want to get on the schedule well before spring rolls around to ensure you get at the front of the line. 


The hottest months of the year have their own challenges regarding roof installation. However, as the weather becomes more predictable, it’s easier for roofing companies to schedule their teams, making summer a preferable time for most homeowners to replace their roofs. The earlier and later parts of summer are ideal for roofing teams to get an installation done quickly, but as temperatures increase, it becomes less safe for workers and your materials. Workers have to take more frequent breaks in extreme heat, and if it gets too hot, your shingles could melt before they make it to your roof. 


Summer installations are popular, and there are plenty of days to go around. Your roofing company will inform you if the conditions are unsafe for their team or your roofing materials.  


If you ask a roofing pro, they’ll tell you that fall is the perfect season to install a new roof. That’s because fall brings with it cooler temperatures and more consistent weather. Also, installing your roof in the fall will ensure that you have a new durable roof on your home just in time for winter’s cold and wet conditions.


Because it’s the optimal time for replacement, fall can get very busy for roofing teams. The slots for roofing jobs can fill up fast, and even though there are more workable days in fall than any other season, they are not without end. If you know that your roof needs to be replaced before winter, make sure that you tell your roofing company ahead of time. You don’t want to go into winter with a problematic roof. 

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For more information on whether or not your roof needs a complete replacement; you can check out our blog on Replacement VS. Repair.  Whichever you need, J Ferg is the professional team to call. We have years of experience behind our name and will help you ensure you get what you need. We know that life can throw us curveballs, so if you need an emergency repair or replacement, don’t wait until the perfect time to get work done. We’ll work with you to schedule your job as soon as possible. Contact us today!