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Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair: Which Do You Need?

need repairs? or is it time to start fresh. we'll break down the pros and cons below.

It can be tricky to know whether your roof is in need of repairs, or if it is time to consider redoing your home or business’ roof in its entirety. 

At J Ferg, we understand what a major decision this can be for your family or business. That is why we want to lay out some of the top considerations to keep in mind when determining if you need a roof repair or replacement. 

Does this all sound like a bit much still? No problem. Call us today. We will have one of our roofing professionals come to your property and provide a FREE roof inspection, just so you know where you stand. 

Now, let’s take a look at the top considerations to keep in mind when figuring out whether you need only repairs, or if it’s time for a full replacement.

Age of Your Roof

The age of your roof is a good place to start when considering the scope of work you need. Normally with traditional shingle material, most roofs will last around 20 years. That being said, the wacky weather in Texas and Eastern New Mexico can change that number dramatically! 

As with most things in life, the answer varies greatly. Evaluating the materials your roof is made of can be a great way to determine if you should be looking at a full roof replacement.

Plans For The Property

It is smart to pause and consider your long-term plans for the property you are considering a roof replacement on. 

Will you be staying in this property for at least the next 10 years? Do you plan on selling it in the next few years?

These are both important questions to consider when determining if you can get away with only roof repairs. A new roof is a great way to entice new buyers to a property and also an excellent long-term investment if you plan on owning the property for the foreseeable future.

The Extent of the Damage

This is probably the most obvious item on our list. But it is also the most important. Determining the extent of roofing damage can be very difficult if you do not have the proper experience and training. 

As we outlined in our previous article, Does My Roof Have Hail Damage?, there are very serious and real risks when it comes to inspecting your roof damage without a professional present. For this reason, we recommend contacting J Ferg today for a free roof inspection and report. 

There are two main types of damage to consider: visual/aesthetic or structural. Both are worth spending time considering when making a decision to fully replace a roof. 

If a roof is suffering from serious structural issues, as well as mossy streaks and chipped shingles, it might be the perfect time to start fresh.

In Conclusion

It is difficult to determine if your roof just needs basic repairs or if it is time for a full roof replacement. Naturally, there are other considerations to think about outside of the ones covered in this article. 

If cost is a primary consideration, contact us today to learn more about financing options. If you are ready to get started with a FREE roof inspection, contact us with the form below, and we will be in touch within two business days!

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