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Everything You Need to Know About Insurance Coverage for Your Roof

Roof damage can be stressful. After all, a roof is the most critical part of a home. So, when damage ensues, it is vital to have repairs done as quickly as possible, and insurance can help you pay. Here is everything you need to know about insurance coverage for your roof, so you have one less worry. 

General Roof Coverage Policy Structures

The specific parameters of insurance policies vary from plan to plan. That is why it’s vital to read and understand your policy. If you have trouble deciphering, contact your insurance agent to answer any questions you may have. 

While each policy is different, there are some common patterns within plans. Some policies offer replacement cost coverage, which means the insurance company will cover the entire cost of the roof repair or replacement at current prices. Other policies offer cash value coverage, which means the insurance company will provide a certain amount for repairs, depending on how old or damaged the roof is.  

As roofs age, it is common for insurance companies to change your policy from replacement cost coverage to cash value coverage because it will save them money. Be very mindful of this. Insurance companies must notify their customers when such changes are made, so be vigilant in searching for such notices. If you are unhappy with changes made to your plan, contact your insurance agent and attempt to negotiate more agreeable terms.  

Another factor to be mindful of when making roof repairs and replacements is the deductible. A deductible is a set amount of money the individual must pay out of pocket before an insurance company assists. Some roofing policies have different deductibles for different types of damage, so make sure to ask your insurance agent about those rates. 

Best Roof Maintenance Practices

Since many insurance companies provide financial assistance based on the roof’s condition before the damage, it is essential to keep your roof well-maintained. You can do this by:  

  1. Make sure your roof and gutters are free of any debris such as tree limbs or leaves  
  2. Checking the condition of your shingles after severe weather  
  3. Ensuring that your chimney is sturdy and intact  
  4. Hiring a professional to inspect your roof every few years  


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