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Top Benefits of Duct Sealant

Duct sealant is something you’ll want to consider when it comes to whole-home insulation. Spray foam and blown-in attic insulation are significant steps toward ensuring your home is energy efficient. Still, there are also smaller spaces to consider that will make your home the most energy effective it can be. J Ferg can help you seal your ductwork and make sure that your home stays safe and energy efficient all year long.
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Saves Energy

Duct Sealant is a great way to make sure your home stays cozy. Improperly sealed ductwork can create drafty rooms, and very few things are as annoying as a slight breeze coming into an otherwise cozy spot in your home. Bumping up the temperature will help for a little while, but duct sealant really is the long term solution.

Keeps Air Clean

Properly sealed ducts help to keep outside air pollutants where they belong. The ductwork in your house moves waste products outside of your home. When they are not appropriately sealed, they allow contaminants to move back in. If you are frequently dusting, then your ductwork might need resealing.

Keeps you Safe from Harmful Pollutants

While dust might be a nuisance, a more serious problem can occur when those waste products that are supposed to be sent out are brought back into the home through a backdraft. Many appliances in your home release combustible gasses, like carbon monoxide, that are harmful to breathe. Properly sealed ducts will ensure these gasses are pushed out and stay out.

Protects the environment

Eating your ductwork also decreases your environmental footprint when you seal your ducts by making your home’s comfort level easy to maintain. When warm air isn’t escaping, and cool air isn’t pouring in, your home can more easily regulate its environment. This means you spend less on your energy bill, which allows the energy company to use fewer resources to heat/cool your home.

Find Out Why J Ferg is the Best Choice for Duct Sealant

The best way to find out if your ductwork is leaking is to call the experts in home insulation. J Ferg promises to help you create an airtight, energy-efficient home and help you get the comfort you deserve. 

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