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Does My Roof Have Hail Damage?

How to check & what to do.

In Lubbock, we certainly have no shortage of hail storms!

It is pretty obvious when it is hailing, but what is a little more difficult to discern is when hail actually leaves your home’s roof damaged. 

Now that we are exiting hail season which wrapped up in August, it is the perfect time to make sure that your roof didn’t sustain major damage after the more than 10 storms we experienced in 2021!

Here are a few easy steps to follow to determine if it is time to call the professionals. 

But before we get started – there is an easier way to detect if your roof has sustained hail damage. Just call J Ferg Pros today, and we will set up a free roof inspection to ensure that your home is safe to head into the colder months.

Visual Signs of Hail Damage

Visually inspecting a roof for hail damage requires someone to physically get onto your home’s roof. This carries with it a certain amount of unavoidable risk. Visual signs of hail damage can also be subtle to the untrained eye. For this reason, we recommend contacting a professional rather than attempting to inspect your own roof.

Bruising on Shingles

Bruising on roof shingles occurs when hailstones fall repeatedly on the same areas of your roof. This results in small depressions on shingles that have some level of give when pressure is applied.

While subtle to detect to the naked eye, bruising can more easily be felt by running a hand along the shingle surface.

Granules Missing from Shingles

A more easy-to-spot sign of hail damage is when shingles start to lose their granules. When visually inspecting a roof, you can detect potential problematic areas by looking for an exposed black tar substance. 

If your home’s roof has many areas of exposed black shingling, call J Ferg Pros immediately for a free roofing inspection report.

Cracking or Severely Damaged Shingles

When large hail occurs, shingles can easily crack. Specifically, hailstones can leave circular cracks, which are especially damaging to your roof, as rain can pool in these cracks, leading to leaks in your home.

Contact J Ferg Pros Today

Do you suspect you might have hail damage? Or have you noticed any of the symptoms listed above? Call J Ferg Pros today. We will come out and provide a comprehensive free roof inspection. 

If enough damage is found to warrant repairs, our customer service experts can help you navigate the home owner’s insurance claims process and more.

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