Surface Sanitization

In the current state of things, it’s important to keep surfaces clean and disinfected to promote healthy living standards and keep outbreaks to a minimum. Surface Sanitization is our first defender against viral outbreaks. Viruses can live on surfaces for days, and our hands come into contact with hundreds of surfaces daily. At J Ferg, our surface sanitization seeks to prevent you or your employees from contracting or spreading the next viral epidemic. Regular surface Sanitization helps keep your business running safely. When you sanitize regularly, you are helping to eradicate emerging viral pathogens, which is the first step in making life-saving changes.

So why do you need J Ferg's Surface Sanitization?

Prevents Virus Outbreak

One of the critical components of an outbreak is surface-to-hand-to-mouth. When you regularly sanitize surfaces, you disrupt the possibility of transmission through direct surface contact.

Decreases Stress

Employees thrive when they know their workplace is safe and germ-free. Surface Sanitization provides everyone in your building the peace of mind they need to be productive and happy.

Sanitizing is better than Cleaning

Surface sanitization has a more substantial impact on viral outbreaks than cleaning. Cleaning only affects what is visible and some cleaning detergents can actually become contaminated by unseen pathogens. Sanitizing eliminates those harmful pathogens that are invisible to the naked eye because sanitization products are created for the purpose of dealing specifically with viruses.

Improves your Immune System

Anytime you come into contact with harmful bacteria, your immune system takes a hit. Ina prolonged state, your body can become exhausted making it hard for your body to recover. This could lead to a hospital visit or worse. Surface Sanitization makes sure that your body stays healthy by eliminating exposure to harmful microbes.

Find out why J Ferg has the best Surface Sanitization service in town.

If you’re still not convinced, our team of sanitization experts looks forward to discussing how surface sanitization can benefit your business. We’ll walk you through our sanitization process. Contact J Ferg today to find out how we can help you with your sanitization needs.