Air Sanitization

Air sanitizing practices are already found in operating and emergency rooms nationwide. These practices ensure that the hospital staff remains safe from harmful pathogens and air contaminants. At J Ferg, we’ve applied that idea to all industries. You shouldn’t have to wait until you’re in the hospital to be safe from airborne illness. While our surface sanitization and shield service are effective in removing harmful bacteria from surfaces and keeping them off, viral particles can linger in the air for an extended amount of time. Our Air Sanitization works to remove these microbes before they have an opportunity to land on any surface.

So why do you need J Ferg to Sanitize your air?

Cleaner Air

It’s not just bacteria that are floating through the air. Allergens like dust, pollen, and pesticides invade office spaces from the outside. Our air sanitization removes these particles from the air, making breathing safe and comfortable for your employees.

Odor Control

Sanitizing your air can also help eliminate any unwanted odors. Our air sanitization process will make sure that your business smells fresh and clean every time someone walks through your doors.

Decreases Stress

Employees thrive when they know their workplace is safe and germ-free. Clean air provides everyone in your building the peace of mind they need to be productive and happy.

Improves your Immune System

Anytime you breathe in harmful bacteria, your immune system takes a hit. In a prolonged state, your body can become exhausted, making it hard for your body to recover which could lead to a hospital visit or worse. Air sanitization ensures your body stays healthy by eliminating exposure to harmful microbes.

Find out why J Ferg has the best Air Sanitization service in town.

If you’re still not convinced, our team of sanitization experts looks forward to discussing how our air sanitization can benefit your business. We’ll walk you through our sanitization process.

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