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7 Signs Your Roof May Have Wind Damage

Here in West Texas, high winds are our neighbors, not strangers. What you might not know are those winds that we’ve become so accustomed to may damage your roof and cause structural damage to your home. If not addressed, this damage can increase, leading to a plethora of future problems. 

How Much Wind is Too Much?  

Did you know that winds as low as 45 to 55 mph can cause structural damage? Winds as low as 55 to 65 mph cause moderate structural damage and tree damage and 65+ mph winds can cause heavy to severe structural damage and tree damage. 

Wind damage covers damage caused by hail, tree limbs, light poles, and other items carried by the wind and thrown unceremoniously at your home.  

Why You Should Always Check for Wind Damage 

Mild wind damage to your roof can easily be overlooked; this is a problem because it can lead to intense structural damage if left unchecked. Leaks and animals gaining uninvited entrance into your home are more likely to occur if wind damage remains untreated. If leaks go unchecked, severe structural damage and long-term repairs may become the result.   

Roof Wind Damage Signs 

Signs of wind damage you should be looking for after 45 to 55 mph winds (or higher) include:   

Shingles curling up at the edges   

Shingles curling up around the edges are a sign that wind got up under the shingles. The stress from this could loosen the shingles and cause them to break off eventually.  

Inconsistent texture on your shingles  

This could be a sign that the granules coating the shingles have been worn down. Granules on shingles help protect the shingles from UV rays and harsh weather. Granule loss can lead to cracking or bare spots appearing in your shingles and affect the overall integrity of your roof. 

Discoloration or visible ceiling damage 

Sometimes you must go indoors to see secondhand issues from wind damage. Your roof may no longer be intact if ceilings or walls are discolored or look like they’re dripping. It’s a good idea to check the attic as well to locate any water damage early. 

Bubbles or cracks on flat roofs  

Bubbles or cracks in your roof are a sign that the seal of the roof has been compromised. This can lead to much larger problems down the road.  

Missing shingles 

Your roof should not be missing shingles. This is a clear sign of wind damage and should be addressed quickly! 

Spots, scratches, or hail damage  

Be sure to view your roof from different angles to see if there is any damage that isn’t obvious right away.  

Visible debris on the roof 

Look for branches, power lines or any other debris that may have flown around your roof. Be sure to check the gutters as well, on, and below the roof . 

If you notice any of these signs on your roof, call JFerg now to fix your roof’s issues fast! Don’t let wind damage to your roof grow into larger problems. Let our roofing pros help you! 

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