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Window Replacement

Energy Saving Window Replacement

Windows Replacement plays an important role in home energy performance, similar your home’s insulation. Replacing your outdated windows with new energy efficient windows. As a result, can save you 15-25% on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Window replacement grabs extra attention compared to other energy saving services because they also look good.

Energy efficient windows overall efficiency ratings are clearly displayed on labels attached to each unit. As a result, all major brands of windows are rated for air leakage by NFRC. Lastly, the NFRC rates, U value, and heat blocking ability. Three qualities that determine overall energy efficiency.

In the Market

Whether you are a current home owner or a home builder. Making the decision to install energy star approved efficiency window replacement is a stride towards higher efficiency. At J Ferg, we use Pellas energy efficient windows. Pella has been partnered with energy star since 1999, and was recently named the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s energy star partner of the year. Pellas InsulShield windows are proven to block over 80% of the suns ultraviolet rays. Which offers you the opportunity to lower your utility bill by increasing the R value of your energy envelope. Therefore, will ultimately shrink your carbon footprint.

Window Replacement Lubbock Tx, Amarillo Tx, Odessa Tx, Abilene Tx.

J Ferg Energy Pros are local in Abilene, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock. For all window replacement needs.

  • J Ferg Energy Pros provides more choices on replacement windows. That need to be energy efficient and look good. Our selection of windows has several options. As a result, you can have windows that look great and will save money on energy bills. Choose from different wood grains to color options. We have you covered.
  • Durable and Maintenance-Free Vinyl windows never need painting and they can’t be damaged by moisture. As a result, taking the lead in sustainable windows.
  • Easy to Clean Windows Window frames that tilt inward enable you to clean the exterior-facing glass from inside the house. Most of all, making window cleaning quick and safe.
  • Available in a wide range of styles and sizes Double hungs, bows, bays, casements, picture windows and more.
  • Installed by experts with J Ferg Energy Pros your energy efficient window replacement will be done by skilled technicians. Lastly, they place a high value on craftsmanship.

Vinyl Window Replacement

Sheffield® Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows


Every component of Sheffield windows is precisely engineered to contribute to superior energy savings. The fusion welded frame and sashes create a permanent barrier against air and moisture infiltration. While the multi chamber design of the window traps dead air to produce an effective insulating barrier. Sheffield windows maintain a timeless and detailed appearance by featuring a sloped sill. Which forces water to drain to the exterior of the window. The design of the Sheffield windows is fit to complement any home’s style. As a result, each component adds up to greater energy savings and lower utility bills.

UltraMaxx® Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows


The UltraMaxx windows from Alside provide you with a unique feeling of confidence and protection. Their fusion welded vinyl sash and main frame structure makes them incredibly strong and durable. Allowing them to last through years of harsh weather without diminishing their quality or performance. On top of being strong. The UltraMaxx design creates an elegant exterior appearance. Which provides a wide range of design options to complement the interior of your home. UltraMaxx windows from Alside will provide you with maintenance free window replacement. Therefore, will help lower energy costs and  increase the property value of your home.

Mezzo® Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows


Mezzo windows from Alside are designed to meet the 2015 energy star requirements. By featuring a thermally optimized narrow line frame and sash with a dual pane insulated glass solution. The elegant narrow line construction provides maximum daylight visibility. While the advanced technological reinforcements ensure dependable strength while also minimizing energy transfer. Mezzo’s modernized screen and bulb design protect against insects and other undesirable intrusions. Therefore, providing you with the comfort and protection you need. In addition to, the strength and custom beauty seen in all Alside windows. The Mezzo Window is an affordable window. Lastly, they go above and beyond the rest with its performance power and durability.

Fusion™ Quality Vinyl Windows


Fusion windows combine both a high quality energy efficient concept and lasting beauty. Which is guaranteed to not chip or peel. An engaging design is created with a premium vinyl mainframe that will not split or corrode. Fusion windows maintain their beauty both inside and out. Resulting in minimal cleaning or maintenance.

Model 0700 Single-Hung Vinyl Windows


The Model 0700’s polished lines and inviting mainframe. Creates the number one solution for residential homes, and light commercial treatment. Furthermore, fusion welding and insulated glass units help to cut energy costs.  While remaining easy to clean.

Sheffield® II Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows


Each detailed component of the Sheffield II Window reinforces its claim as the ultimate selection. Due to, durability, style, and maximum energy savings. The sloped sill design prevents water collection. While keeping its classic and beautiful appearance. Lastly, the structural integrity is maintained through a multi- wall frame and sashes.

Excalibur® II Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows


Excalibur II Windows were inspired by what homeowners want the most. In addition, incredible value, lasting beauty, and a maximum energy saving design. The broadened glass space invites in the natural light. As a result, making the Excalibur II Windows a perfect choice for maximum strength and style. Furthermore, without sacrificing energy savings.

Casement Windows


The casement windows offer the slimmest profile in the industry. Providing a better view from any angle. The simple elegance and beautiful craftsmanship shine through every detail of the window design. Therefore, making the casement windows the perfect choice to add style and drama to any room in your home. The sleek, low profile construction features a functional and durable design. Lastly, guaranteeing years of trouble- free operation.

Awning Windows


Alside awning windows provide your home with a renewed warmth. In addition to combining a sleek style with a premiere mechanical design. These windows allow you to express yourself. Providing the perfect blend of style and efficiency. You can use continuous or multiple frames to create the ultimate statement. Furthermore, Awning windows are built to last and allow you to take pride in your space.

Casement / Awning Windows


Alside casement windows offer a more contemporary look to your home, welcoming light, warmth, and elegance. These windows invite and inspire endless design possibilities both in and outside the house. Their curved appearance creates the illusion of a larger space when closed, and offers more air when opened. An easy touch crank to open and close the windows, you’re free to enjoy the fresh air. Lastly, the Alside casement windows also feature a dual-point locking system to ensure that your home is safe.

Bay & Bow Windows


Alside Bay and Bow Windows are customized to your home. Adding a three-dimensional element for more intrigue and sophistication. Arrange a snug reading nook or a luxurious display. This extension invites in light for a more comfortable and elegant design regardless of how you use your new space. Not only do the Bay and Bow Windows make your home more personal. Lastly, they help reduce energy costs and increase resale value.

Garden Windows


Alside Garden Windows create a new and beautiful space in your home. The 17 inch seat board is sealed for protection against weather and requires no maintenance to keep it looking fresh. Each side of the window is screened and opens to let in only the fresh air, keeping bugs and leaves outside. This addition is perfect for displaying houseplants and other decorations without compromising space. Therefore, the Garden Windows also feature multi-point locking systems. As a result gives insulating panes for greater integrity and protection.

Swing & Clean Windows


Alside Swing & Clean Windows enhance the magic of your home with a more enjoyable, scenic glimpse of the world. When closed, the drop-in glaze decreases energy costs and improves the interior appeal. Swing & Clean Windows combine form and function for easy use and cleaning with an EasyGrip sash to swing open and a DuraBrake pivot for security. As a result, the design allows you to effortlessly clean the window’s interior and exterior from the same spot.

High-Performance and Impact Windows


Alside High-Performance and Impact Windows are built to resist the most severe weather.  They are vigorously tested to prove their durability up to the strictest building codes regions demand. The added vinyl extrusions protect your home from intense heat and humidity. While galvanized steel reinforcements strengthen the exterior. Our laminated glass absorbs loud noises. Therefore, reducing the daily disturbance of the world around you. High-Performance and Impact Windows offer you a safe and quiet home.

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