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What Is The Best Time of Year To Replace My Roof?

Any Time is a great time with j ferg pros. but get the details below.

Scheduling a roof replacement can be stressful, but we want to help you with that. There are a lot of concerns and considerations that go into planning a roof replacement. One of the questions we get asked most off is, “what is the best time of year to replace a roof?”. 

Overall the best time of year to replace a roof is fall/autumn. Naturally, it does depend on where you are in the country and weather trends of the current year, but autumn tends to provide the most benefits and least amount of cons. Let’s take a look at the reasoning below.

Best Time of Year To Replace A Roof?

Autumn provides many benefits when scheduling a roof replacement. Mainly, temperatures are at their most mild. Extreme heat makes roof replacements difficult for many reasons from the impact it has on the crew, as well as the equipment and materials required. 

Autumn also tends to be the calmest time of year weather-wise. It is after hail season and has low average humidity. This considerably decreases the risk of roofing projects being delayed or estimates busted by unfortunate weather-related incidents.  

Autumn does provide challenges of its own. 

Fall is typically a season where people gather indoors. It is the beginning of the holiday season after all! While at J Ferg, we pride ourselves on making a roof replacement as minimally invasive of a process as possible, major construction jobs often do disrupt your usual day-to-day life a little bit.

Spring, Summer, and Winter Roof Replacements


While spring does have some advantages such as mild weather, as well as home improvement momentum that comes with spring cleaning, it has some negatives to consider as well. 

Even though temperatures are typically mild, and humidity lower, spring does bring higher levels of precipitation. Those May flowers need their April showers!

Increased precipitation could include hail storms, and in Texas and Eastern New Mexico, there’s a good chance that hail is probably one of the main reasons you are moving forward with a roof replacement. 

That being said, spring is an excellent time of year to replace your roof as well. J Ferg is happy to work with your schedule to ensure that your home’s roof is replaced properly and on schedule.


Summer is commonly the most difficult time to replace a roof for a few reasons. 

It tends to be a very popular time of year to replace roofs. So scheduling can become hectic. Summer brings with it increased humidity as it is both storm and hail season. These weather events increase the risk of delays in estimated timelines and budgets. 

There are still many positives to replacing your roof in the summer. Weather is more consistent as increased humidity tends to break in the late afternoon or evening. This means that storms tend to not hit until after 3 PM. This allows for a full day of work even when rain is forecasted. 

While it is still best to schedule a roof replacement in early summer when conditions are milder, the heat of mid and late summer does help shingles adhere to tar easily, preventing potential issues down the road.


Winter is certainly an unexpected time to replace a roof, but it does have some unexpected benefits. While the largest cons are temperature and limited sunlight, winter is usually the slowest time of year for roofers. This allows for specific date scheduling and easier-to-meet deadlines. 

Still, since there is reduced sunlight, jobs can take longer and cost more, as the way shingles adhere in low temperatures can be more labor-intensive. Still, the beauty of our region is that year over year, our winters can be pretty mild!

Seasons and Replacing Roofs

All in all, J Ferg is happy to work with homeowners any time of year to replace their roofs. Our team of seasoned professionals is happy to tackle jobs on your schedule when it makes the most sense for your family. 

While all seasons come with pros and cons, with J Ferg, we make sure to minimize the cons and maximize the pros for our customers. Schedule a free roof inspection below to see how your roof is holding up. If we find issues, our team will help you with the insurance claims process and get started to make sure your home is safe and ready for any season.

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