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Small Plumbing Repairs and Troubleshooting

You're reading about small plumbing repairs and troubleshooting.

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J Ferg Plumbing Commitment #2

"We will always leave the client's property in a cleaner state than it was when you entered it."

Common Small Repairs

How many times have you had one problem that kept re-occuring? Well that happens when the problem is accurately diagnosed the first time. We ensure that we always focus on the root cause and ensure that the small issue you are dealing with never comes back.

Whether you need to replace a drain on a sink, tub, or floor, J Ferg Plumbing is here to help. Drain replacement can vary in cost and scope depending on where the drain is located and specifications of the job. 

Drain replacements are normally very quick jobs. Our team of plumbing experts will leave your home cleaner than they found it, to where you will barely even notice we were there. 

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J Ferg Plumbing offers faucet replacement and installation for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you already know the exact design you want, or you’d like us to help select the perfect faucet, we are ready to help. 

Not only will we help with design and installation, once your dream faucet is installed, we provide a 1-year warranty for the labor. Ready to get started today?

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Toilet issues can bring a household or business to a screeching halt. J Ferg Plumbing is ready to help by diagnosing issues, making repairs, and even replacing toilets with new installations. 

Our Plumbers will first diagnose the issue that you are encountering. We will work alongside you, your needs, and your budget to find the plan that makes the most sense for your situation. 

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Valves and shutoffs can corrode over time. It is common for these mechanisms to rust due to exposure to moisture, and eventually become stuck in place. 

J Ferg is happy to offer replacements to your valves, shutoffs, and other mechanisms to your plumbing equipment such as water heaters and main water lines. 

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Clogged drains are always a pain. Don’t use harsh chemicals that corrode and break your pipes down. Call J Ferg Plumbing. 

Whether you’ve clogged your sink drain, shower drains, toilets or floor drains, we offer both conventional cable drain clearing as well as pressured water to clear clogs. 

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