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Holiday Outdoor Light Hanging Tips

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s common to see neighborhoods light up with the Christmas spirit. Houses sparkle with thousands of lights strung together on rooftops and wrapped around trees, and while hanging Christmas lights is a tradition that goes back more than a hundred years, J Ferg wants to make sure that you stay safe getting those lights up this year. 

Ground Lights Are a Safe Bet

Your first course of action when it’s time to pull out the Christmas lights might be to grab the ladder, but we suggest taking a moment to reconsider. Lights on the roof look great, but lights can add holiday cheer to any space around your home, including those spots that sit at lower elevations. 


Ladders are significant culprits in holiday ER visits. While there are plenty of other ways to injure yourself during the season of giving, falls make up a large majority of that bodily harm. If you’re looking for a safer option, consider keeping your work at ground level and let a professional lighting team take care of your roof. They’ll ensure that all safety precautions are in place as they move about your roof. Watching others put up those Christmas lights this year might not be as fun, but it could save you money on an ER visit.

Manage the Mess With a Light Organizer

Untangling lights is a nuisance in the best of circumstances and a deal breaker in the worst. Sometimes, we decide if it’s worth doing this year during this part of the job. As annoying as the task may be, it can also present dangerous situations. 


Bulbs can be broken when you try to untangle a messy heap. Pulling on strands can make intertwined bulbs tug on each other and eventually break off the string. The glass alone can be dangerous, but the danger of open electricity is even more concerning. It’s not just bulbs that cause the problem, but the wire casing can also be split open during this process, exposing those electrical circuits, and anyone who touches them when power is going through them is bound to be in for a shock! 


There are plenty of storage options online to help you keep your wires straight and organized. These solutions will also ensure that your lights remain undamaged during storage and use. Even if you’re not up for buying a solution online, some crafty web users have constructed their DIY solutions. When you’re ready to put the lights away this year, consider a safe solution to keep them usable next year. 

Find Safe Power Solutions

Many of us have a familiar problem with hanging our holiday lights, and that’s finding a place to plug them in. Older houses usually don’t have an abundance of external outlets to use, which generally means there will be wires and cords splayed across the yard throughout the Christmas season. 


Don’t let your yard become a maze of Christmas lights, extension cords, and power surges. Invest in intelligent power options like power stakes to keep things nice and tidy. Unwieldy power cords don’t just present tripping hazards; power surges and extension cords that are overwhelmed can present electrical and fire hazards if they aren’t adequately cared for. Always ensure that any power extender you use comes with GFC, ground-fault circuit interrupter, to ensure you don’t run into unwanted electrical issues. 

Choose Hanging Options for Your Holiday Lights that Won’t Damage Your Roof. 

While it might be tempting to do things the old-fashioned way, and staple or nail your lights to the exterior of your home, better options have been introduced that won’t damage your roof. 


Christmas decorating companies have revolutionized how we hang Christmas lights by inventing plastic clips that fit underneath your shingles. Some even come with various clip options to account for different-sized bulbs. This one-size-fits-all option is preferable to poking holes in your roof with a nail gun. As your locally preferred roofing company, we ask you to trust us on this one. 

Have a Safe Holiday Season.

We love the holidays just as much as you do and get excited when we see the lights in our cities go up. But in our mission to better serve our customers, we also want to make you stay safe as you enjoy those timeless traditions. We wish you all a merry season of giving, and we want you to remember that anytime you need roofing help, give JFerg a call. We’re here for all your roofing needs!

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