Shield Sanitization

Protecting your business from virus outbreaks with air and surface sanitization is an excellent move toward whole office health and wellness. Now, J Ferg offers My-Shield sanitization for your body, another step toward making your business germ-free and your employees safe from viral outbreaks. Shield sanitization provides you with up to four hours of protection from harmful microbes, killing 99.9% of viral bacteria before it has a chance to mutate. The formula is alcohol-free, making it safer than most sanitizers on the market. The non-flammable and non-poisonous solution is safe for everyone.

Why Should I have J Ferg protect my office with My-Shield products?

Extra Protection

There is no such thing as too safe when it comes to your health. Especially when we’re talking about viral bacteria and the potential for outbreaks. Surface and air sanitization will protect your business from possible outbreaks, but My-Shield will protect your employees. With consistent application, you can totally eliminate the risk of having a virus breakout inside your business.

Safer Option

There are plenty of sanitization options available to businesses and business leaders. Few of those options are as safe to use as My-Shield. With a non-flammable, non-poisonous formula that is alcohol-free, you don’t have to worry about accidental ingestion or irritated skin. My-Shield is a safer option for everyone.

It Works

My-Shield boasts a 99.9% kill rate. The unique formula disrupts the outer membrane of harmful cells. It neutralizes them on the spot and makes them incapable of mutating or adapting to the solution and becoming more resistant to its effects. My-Shield eliminates the threat at contact.

Employee Health

My-Shield does more than just make sure your employees stay physically healthy; it also gives them the peace of mind they need to make sure that they can continue working stress-free throughout the work day. With the next viral outbreak right around the corner, they’ll be happy to know it won’t take place within their workspace.

Find out how J Ferg can offer My-Shield Protection to your business.

If you’re still not convinced, our team of sanitization experts looks forward to discussing how our My-Shield can benefit your business. We’ll walk you through our sanitization process. Contact J Ferg today to find out how we can help you with your sanitization needs.