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Energy Efficient Doors

Energy Efficient Doors


There are several things that can cause you to spend more money than necessary on heating and cooling your home. Air leakage, improper installation, poor insulation, and simply having old doors are some of the factors that can cause you to overspend. The right door that has been properly installed can save you a significant amount of energy and money.

It is important to consider your home’s design and climate when selecting new doors.  Steel and fiberglass-clad entry doors have a much higher R-value than wood or glass, meaning they are much more effective at insulating your home.  Glass doors, specifically sliding glass doors, are very poor insulators, unless they have low-emissivity coating or low-conductivity gases between the panes. Regardless, sliding glass doors normally don’t have as tight of a seal as swinging glass doors.

Proper installation is very important when it comes to saving energy. If you have purchased a pre-hung door, the existing doorframe must be removed before installation. The doorframe needs to be as square as possible to achieve a tight seal. Caulking should be carefully applied to the interior trim to prevent air from coming in. You should also consider weatherstripping in order to further seal and prevent air leaks.

If you have a new, well-insulated door, then buying a storm door is not necessary. However, if you have an old door that is in good condition, it would be a good investment.

Wooden storm doors are not the best option because they require more maintenance. Steel, fiberglass, or aluminum storm doors are the better alternatives, especially if they have foam insulation inside of the frames.  There are many kinds of storm doors to choose from. Low-emissivity (low-e) glass or glazed storm doors are of the highest quality. Some storm doors have insect screens and some have sliding glass panels. These features vary in convenience and cost.

If your door gets direct sunlight for more than a few hours a day, do not get a storm door. The heat from the sun will get trapped behind the glass and could damage the door.  Insulating drapes are also a good idea for energy efficiency.

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