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Improve Air Quality By Air Sealing Your Home

About 20% of air in an HVAC system is lost to leaks, costing you money on your energy bills. Air sealing your home and attic with spray foam insulation can reduce lost air and fix air leaks once and for all. While you may be aware of some of the leaks in your home, you need to fill the less obvious gaps in your attic, walls, and crawlspace to truly fix the problem. Air sealing your home not only saves you money on bills, it will improve your air quality and comfort levels.

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Lower Your Bills with Energy Efficient Doors

The right door that has been properly installed can save you a significant amount of energy and money. Certain materials provide stronger energy-saving benefits, with steel, fiberglass, and aluminum doors being some of the best options. Whether you’re looking to install a more stylish, cost-efficient door or simply create tighter seals around your existing doors, we’re happy to help. Contact us for a Free Home Energy Audit to learn more about Energy Saving Doors.

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Improve Your Home Energy Performance with Energy Efficient Windows

Whether you are building fresh or renovating, pay special attention to the windows. Replacing your existing windows with energy efficient windows from J Ferg Energy Pros can save you up to 25% on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Upgrading your windows adds value and improves the overall look of your home. For more information on our window services, visit our page focused on Window Replacement.

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Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling with Fiberglass Insulation

If you’re a West Texan, you’re familiar with some of the hottest summers and coldest winters. Fiberglass insulation is one of the most popular insulation solutions, keeping most of us comfortable even in extreme temperatures. J Ferg Energy Pros are equipped to install new fiberglass insulation or bolster your existing home insulation. Contact us for a home energy audit, and we’ll see if improved insulation can increase your comfort and save you money.

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Prevent Pests and Save Money with Spray Foam Insulation

We know Lubbock, Amarillo, and all surrounding cities in West Texas have unpredictable weather. Which means keeping your home properly insulated is important. Compared to traditional insulation, our open cell foam provides lower temperature fluctuation and higher energy efficiency. Spray foam has many unexpected benefits, like better soundproofing and cleaner indoor air. It can even prevent pests from invading your home. With spray foam insulation from J Ferg Energy pros, you’ll protect your family’s health from dangerous mould, airborne pollutants, and allergens. Best of all, you’ll experience huge savings on your energy bills.

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Long Lasting Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing energy costs up to 75%, we make saving money as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Carefully engineered, LED bulbs last up to 6 times longer than a traditional bulb, saving you both time and money. Because they aren’t made of glass, they’re extra resistant to damage. Our dimmable LED bulbs contain no mercury or lead, and they keep a half-ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere over their lifetime.

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Reduce Texas Heat with a Radiant Barrier

A Radiant Barrier consists of a highly reflective material that throws back radiant heat rather than absorbing it. Installed in an attic, a radiant barrier installed in an attic is a smart way to lower attic temperatures. By drastically reducing radiant heat, this simple change will cut cooling costs to your entire home, keeping you comfortable and saving you money.

Save Money With Energy Efficiency

Interested in saving money by improving your home? Contact us for a Free Energy Audit!

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Free Energy Audit


Energy Audits are much like when a doctor recommends an MRI; it’s a diagnostic test to help you understand exactly what your home needs. Heated or cooled air escapes when your home is not properly sealed or insulated, and you have to use even more energy to regulate your home’s temperature, resulting in higher energy bills. Our experienced specialists at J Ferg Energy Pros are skilled at finding any weaknesses in your energy envelope. As part of our free energy audit process, we perform tests such as the blower door test, thermographic and infrared inspections, and a duct blaster test. Our energy audits are free so you have nothing to lose except wasted money on high energy bills. Call us to schedule your free energy audit today!


Take the first step to finding out how you can save money on utility bills and make your home more energy efficient by scheduling a Free Energy Audit. This is a free service offered by J Ferg Pros, and you are under no obligation. We simply want you to be informed of your home’s energy efficiency and your options to improve. Please fill out the following information. J Ferg Energy Pros will be contacting you soon to schedule your FREE Energy Audit!