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Lubbock 2021 Hail Season Wrap Up Report

Lubbock: Land of Ice and Dust

Lubbock is known for a few things. Obviously, Buddy Holly and Texas Tech come to mind, but any local would probably add another item to that list – absolutely crazy weather. 

Dust storms, ice storms, the occasional tornado, and of course – HAIL. 

It might surprise you to discover that at J Ferg, we are pretty big weather nerds. 


Because we want to ensure that we are available when our community needs our services the most. 

After all – working as the leading roofer in Lubbock, we know the kind of damage hail can inflict on a home. 

As we move into autumn and leave the hail season behind until next year, we thought we would look back at a one-of-a-kind hail season. There were a few major storms over the last 6 months but when you look at the data, some of the trends might surprise you.

By The Numbers

How many times did it hail this year in Lubbock?

Well like all things in life, the answer isn’t entirely clear. There are a few ways in which Hail events are measured. 

If we go by Doppler Radar, in 2021, Lubbock got hit with about 10 separate hail storms. If we went by on the ground reporting, the total could be as high as fifty separate hail events. 

That being said, these measures only include the City of Lubbock and not outlying suburbs such as Slaton and Wolfforth. As the metropolitan area grows to encompass more outlying suburbs, what we typically think of as “Lubbock” is quite a bit larger than what the city limits actually include.

What was the worst hail storm Lubbock experienced in 2021?

Unlike the answer to our previous question, this one has a definitive answer. May 17th of 2021 saw a supercell unlike anything seen in the past few years form over the southern portion of Lubbock. 

Considerable rotation was detected via Doppler radar, and while tornadoes did touchdown within Lubbock County, the city itself dodged a major tornado event. Still, even without a touchdown in the city, this storm brought with it golfball-sized hail throughout the county and surrounding areas for over an hour. 

Lubbock would continue to be pounded by hail in the days following, such as on May 20th when ping pong ball-sized hail fell through the county. Later in the month, near baseball-sized hail was detected just a few miles to the Southeast outside of Post.

When is the hail season for Lubbock?

The hail season for Lubbock, TX lasts on average from March until August, with the season peaking in late May. There is some variability to this season, but on average this range is when hail is most likely to fall.

What is the average hail season like in Lubbock?

The hail season varies greatly in Lubbock. The county can escape some years with as little as two hail storms. In years past, this number tends to fall between 20-40 hail-producing storms

Some people believe this is due to climate change, while others believe an increase in forest fires and the smoke which they produce getting trapped in the jet stream is the cause for more storms in recent years. 

On a scale of one to ten, where one is “very low potential for hail damage”, and ten is “almost certain hail damage”, Lubbock residents stand at about a 5 on the risk scale. This is higher than 80% of the United States.

What can I do to prepare my roof for Hail season in Lubbock?

It is important to get your roof inspected before hail season begins, and after any storms which produce hail greater than 1.25 inches in diameter. 

J Ferg is here to help handle any and all of your hail-related damage. Now that we are exiting the season, are you worried your roof might have incurred damage in 2021? 

Give us a call today, and we will schedule a free roof inspection to make sure you are armed with the knowledge needed to keep your home and family safe as we head into the colder months.

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